SOLAS Energy Consulting Inc.

About Solas Energy Consulting Inc.

Sólás is Irish Gaelic for "Light".

Why is light important? Almost all of the earth's energy is from sunlight. Hydropower, solar power, wind power, biomass, and even oil and gas originates from sunlight.

Wind power is generated by the heating and cooling of the earth's surface.

Hydropower comes from evaporation.
Solar power is a conversion of the sun's energy.
Oil and gas comes from photosynthesis.

Solas Energy Consulting is focused on providing consulting services for renewable energy solutions and climate change.  Our expertise spans project development, business development, and climate change policy analysis.  With experience in renewable energy and climate change dating to the late 1990's, you can be assured that Solas has the depth and perspective required to help your business navigate through the many issues associated with Climate Change policy and project development.